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Dixie D’Amelio released her first-ever single “Be Happy” over the weekend, but many fans were surprised to hear that the song’s message wasn’t at all what they expected. During the time of writing her song has received 895K views with 82k likes.

Last year Dixie gained fame after her dance video went viral on TikTok, since then she began her transition from TikTok to pop star with the release of her very first single, “Be Happy.” The catchy, upbeat track has already made its way across TikTok as fans have been sharing videos lip-syncing to the song, including Dixie’s sister Charli and her rumored boyfriend Griffin Johnson, who captioned his video with a simple, “she’s shy but talented.”

Dixie hasn’t exactly kept her musical talents a secret as she’s posted videos of herself singing in past videos, and even shared an acapella snippet teasing “Be Happy” earlier this month with the caption, “be happy or something.” Then, added “Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy, don’t hold it against me. If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad.”

The clip went viral in a matter of minutes, generating over 16 million views and over 125,000 comments within the first 24 hours. And with the help of her closest friends, Dixie took to TikTok to share a video of the finished track released on Friday, as they danced around acting carefree and happy, as the title of the song suggests. However, upon hearing the lyrics to “Be Happy, fans began to notice that it isn’t exactly about being happy… in fact, it’s the complete opposite.

With lyrics reading, “Sometimes I don’t want to be happy/Don’t hold it against me/If I’m down just leaving me there/Let me be,” Dixie is seemingly sending an important message to fans that sometimes it’s OK to not always feel OK. Moreover, The song also hints at Dixie’s struggle about being in the spotlight and constantly feeling like she has to put on a happy face to her 40 million+ followers throughout her social media channels 24/7.

In a press release about the song, Dixie opened up about wanting to “share the honesty of this message with others,” especially those around her age. She added QUOTE, “I remain so grateful for the people that surround me and the opportunities I’ve been given, but some days, as we all know, it’s not easy to be happy. My hope is that anyone who listens can be reminded that it’s okay to feel what we feel. It’s okay to have a bad day. We all have them and you are not alone.”

Know About Dixie D’Amelio Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, and More.

Dixie D'Amelio

NameDixie D'Amelio
Nick NameDixie
Height5 feet 5 Inches tall
DOBAugust 12, 2001
Age19 years old as of 2020
BoyfriendWill Upate
FatherMarc D'Amelio,
MotherHeidi D'Amelio
sisterCharli D'Amelio
Net Worth$3.4 Million USD as of 2020


  • Dixie D’Amelio is an Instagram Personality, TikTok star, and known for her videos on the social media platform.
  • In 2020, Dixie D’Amelio starred in the YouTube web series Attaway General. Furthermore, she started her career after her sister Charli D’Amelio rose to fame on TikTok.
  • Dixie D’Amelio has been an advocate for mental health and cyberbullying in the past, as she and Charli have partnered with UNICEF to raise awareness of the negative effects that bullying has on young people.
  • Dixie signed with United Talent Agency in January 2020, Dixie and her sister announced a new podcast deal with Ramble Podcast Network in May 2020.
  • Additionally, Dixie D’Amelio also began her acting career and made an appearance on the Brat TV series Attaway General.
  • Dixie has 12.1 Million followers on Instagram and 27.5 Million followers on Tiktok.

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Dixie D'Amelio Family

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