Megan Fox Calls Out Hollywood on Instagram for being “Ruthlessly Misogynistic”

Megan Fox took to Instagram and called out Hollywood for being “Ruthlessly Misogynistic”, and Fox addressed the rumors of how filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay mistreated her on a film set. Furthermore, Megan claimed that how she was mistreated and sexualized at the beginning of her career.

Megan Fox clarified on Instagram, she wrote “Please hear me when I thank you for your support. But these specific instances were inconsequential in a long and arduous journey along which I have endured some genuinely harrowing experiences in a ruthlessly misogynistic industry.” Later, Megan Fox said during the shooting time of ‘Bad Boys II’ Michael Bay asked her to wear a bikini and dance under a waterfall.

She wrote “I was around 15 or 16 years old when I was an extra in `Bad Boys II`. There are multiple interviews where I shared the anecdote of being chosen for the scene and the conversations that took place surrounding it. It`s important to note however that when I auditioned for `Transformers` I was 19 or 20.”

Furthermore, she responded to the fan of her experience during the auditioning for ‘Transformers’ and claimed that she was taken advantage of. Megan wrote “I did work on one of Michael`s Ferrari`s during one of the audition scenes. It was at the Platinum Dunes studio parking lot, there were several other crew members and employees present and I was at no point undressed or anything similar.”

Then, added, “So as far as this particular audition story I was not underaged at the time and I was not made to `wash` or work on someone`s cars in a way that was extraneous from the material in the actual script.” Additionally, Megan confirmed that she was never assaulted or preyed upon while working with Michael, and Steven.

Fox didn’t forget to thank all her fans who stood to her support, she wrote: ” I`m grateful to all of you who are taking it upon yourselves to support, uplift, and bring comfort to those who have been harmed by a violent and toxic societal paradigm.” Megan Fox took to Instagram after her 2009 interview with Jimmy Kimmel resurfaced on Twitter and went viral.

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