Fans forced Kylie Jenner to give credit to the black designer in Instagram

Kylie Jenner has come under fire for allegedly neglecting to give a black designer credit after posing in her clothing on social media. However, many fans were not happy with Kylie Jenner when she failed to give credit to a designer while partaking in an Instagram photoshoot over the weekend.

Kylie began trending Tuesday when many fans called her out for debuting a skin-tight orange minidress by LoudBrand Studios in a series of Instagram photos while vacationing with friends in the desert this past weekend.

One user went as far as to claim that Kylie “refused” to credit the designer, tweeting QUOTE, “Kylie Jenner is refusing to tag the designer of the dress she just posted, which is a black-owned brand and is now limiting her comments. @LoudBrandStudios is a designer!”

This tweet caught Kylie’s attention to which she quickly fired back slamming claims that she refused to tag the designer. She said She quoted the previous tweet, writing, “Ok this is just a reach. why would I ever REFUSE to tag a brand and block comments? this is completely false. I think this brand is amazing and I wanted to show support and will continue to do so. everyone go check out @LoudBrndStudios.”

Furthermore, Kylie also gave credit to the designer via Instagram stories, writing, “Everyone go check out @LoudBrandStudios and their beautiful clothes!” Loud Brand Studios Twitter account tweeted, “Hi guys!!!! We are so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love wow !!! We are so grateful for Jill and Kylie because this has really changed things for us so excited to be featured on her platform. How amazing!!! Thank you so much, Jill and Kylie.”

Regardless of what stance fans are taking, many are patting themselves on the backs for trolling Kylie into giving the brand a free promotion. Aside from the fact that Kylie ended up tagging the brand, it was the fact that she was allegedly limiting comments and deleting comments that tagged the brand on Instagram, like one user pointed out, saying, “Deleting comments that tagged the designer was bulls***. Period.”

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