Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Reunited Together After the Split

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie reunited over the holiday weekend in the wake of their recent breakup. Just over a month after calling it quits, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were seen out and about and walking on the beach together in Malibu during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

A source revealed to People that Scott and Sofia, who were photographed by paparazzi, seemed “happy together but more friendly than romantic.” Moreover, this also comes just after many outlets confirmed that Scott and Sofia had split back in late May after getting together in 2017, but that they were still in communication post-split.

Another source revealed to E! News that they are“technically ‘split’ but Sofia has been in touch with Scott,” adding that there “wasn’t a fight or anything bad that happened between them.” Furthermore, Sofia also reportedly wanted to “do her own thing” while Scott “takes care of his health.”

One of the bigger contributing factors that could’ve led to their split was just weeks before when Scott briefly entered rehab to work on “past traumas,” and left after a photo of him at the Colorado treatment facility was leaked. The insider also revealed after their split.

“Sofia thinks Scott has a lot on his plate right now and thinks it’s best for them to be apart so he can focus on himself. She is only looking out for him and his best interest and it was primarily her decision for them to split. Sofia has been spending time with her family and has taken the majority of her stuff out of Scott’s house.”

However, Sofia and Scott are back together and she shared a photo of herself on the beach yesterday wearing a hoodie from his Talentless company, which he also ‘liked.’ Following their breakup, rumors began spreading that Scott and Kourtney were spending much more time together after fans noticed that Kourtney was wearing a flannel that belonged to Scott in an Instagram photo while the family was vacationing at Kim and Kanye’s Wyoming ranch.

Kourtney also paid tribute to Scott last month on Father’s Day, and a few days after that, Scott commented “cute shirt” on one of Kourtney’s photos. Fans began freaking out in hopes that Kourtney and Scott may start things back up again, which reportedly took a major toll on Sofia. Sources revealed that Sofia and Scott’s relationship was “serious” and that “she was there for Scott through some tough times.”

While some were thrilled to see the two on good terms and spending time together, many fans are still hoping for Kourtney and Scott to reconcile given their long history. Scott and Sofia have yet to speak out on their relationship, but it seems for now they are working on strengthening their bond and enjoying time together.

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