Students Returning Home Must Know these Five Facts Before leaving the U.S

Thousands of foreign students in America are angry and frustrated. First, the pandemic locked them up in their room now they face deportation, the government has decided if classes are online students must leave Harvard University and several other colleges say they will reopen campuses but hold classes online for no fault of their own.

1. Which foreign students will be asked to leave?

All F-1 and M-1 students visa holders, regular Catholic students hold an F1, visa those pursuing nonacademic and vocational courses have the M1. These visas will be deemed invalid if the students are attending online classes, is there no option? there is the student must shift to a college which is offering in-person classes such students can remain in u.s.

2. Which students will be the worst Affected?

At least 1.2 million foreign students are studying in 8,700 colleges across the country, of these the Chinese form the largest group of three hundred and sixty thousand, Indians will be the second-worst affected over two hundred and fifty thousand, students from South Korea Saudi Arabia and Canada will be affected too.

3. Can students return to finish the course?

Assuming that they’re sent home will they be allowed to return? the answer is No.

Not unless the student provides pros that lessons will be held inside a classroom, the rule applies to new students too if classes are online student visas won’t be issued.

4. How will the students leave the U.S?

Nearly 90 percent of these foreign students are still in the US, if they go back home it will be hard to return.

Routing these are processing is suspended at US embassies and consulates worldwide. International travel restrictions are in place in many countries and commercial flight options are limited. Even if college is shipped to classroom-based teaching in the coming month’s travel restrictions will make it difficult for students to return.

5. What will happen to the fees paid?

Online classes do not mean lower tuition
fee, foreign students pay more than American citizens they make up less than 6% of a class but contribute over 10% of the revenue. Last year foreign students contributed over 40 billion dollars to American colleges.

Harvard University President, Larry Bercow says he is very concerned by the decision to deport students, colleges might take the government to court they are lobbying to get the decision revoked. America’s COVID is close to three million, colleges want to retain students but the new rule could force them to open up worsening America’s health crisis.

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