What Johnny Depp said in the Courtroom about Amber Heard, Know the Facts

The Pirates of Caribbean star Johnny Depp is making headlines, he has accused his former wife Amber Heard of beating him not once not twice but multiple times, the actor is appearing before a London Court two years after he sued a British tabloid for calling him a wife-beater.

Actor Johnny Depp turns out the real-life pirate may be a real-life wife beater that’s what one British tabloid called him in April 2018. However, Depp fired back with a lawsuit now the case is being heard in court, Depp is accused of physically abusing his former wife actor Amber Heard and slapping her three times for laughing at his tattoo.

But Depp denies the allegations and claiming instead, Amber was responsible for all the violence in their marriage, he said. On July 9th, both Depp and Heard appeared before the court today waving at the waiting photographers outside then continued to deny the allegations.

Depp said, “That is not correct, it’s Untrue, it didn’t happen.” Furthermore, he also accused his former wife of cheating, then he said Amber had an affair with Elon Musk and actor James Franco. The Pirates of Caribbean star then accused his ex-wife of locking him up in the washroom of a private jet.

During cross-examination, the tabloids loyal claimed there was a nasty side to the Depp, one that he often referred to as the monster the court was shown a video of Depp pacing around the room swearing and kicking a cabinet, the video was made by the ex-wife. Later, the actor was asked whether he became a monster when he drank and took drugs.

The tabloids said the Depp was controlling and abusive towards Amber especially when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Depp said he had taken “every drug known to man by the age of 14,” the ongoing hearing is expected to last for three weeks, the list of witnesses includes deaths former partners Vanessa Paradis and Fiona Ryder.

Amber Heard is expected to present more evidence, she had first spoken about the abuse in 2016 claiming she was abused at least 14 times between 2013 and 2016.

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