Eau de Space Perfume to bring the smell of outer space to Earth

Have you ever imagined what outer space smells like some Astronaut describer as burnt meat, metal, raspberries, and gunpowder it’s quite an odd concoction? But NASA astronauts are to be believed that description is the closest to what space smells like and our fragrance that imitates the smell of space is all set to enter the market.

Former NASA Astronaut said, “The Smell is strong and Unique, Nothing like I’ve ever smelled on Earth before, Some kind of Metallic mixture of Other things that I just didn’t know how to describe, rarely a day goes by when I dont think about the smell of space.”

Eau de Space Perfume to bring the smell of outer space to Earth

Now the smell has been bottled in a perfume called “Eau de Space,” Steve Pierce is the chemist who developed the fragrance and as the CEO of project Omega ingredients, Pierce is seeking crowdfunding to launch the perfume in a wider market the scent was initially concocted to custom astronauts to the smell of space so that they’re not overwhelmed by it once they get there, used by NASA for over a decade Pierce credits inputs from astronauts for his invention which took four years to develop former NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle pilot Tony Antonelli is one of them.

Tony said ” I still remember the day, flight day five, like it was yesterday. At the end of the spacewalk, I was the one who opened up th hatch, I was completely blown away. After over a decade of training, no one had told me, space smells!.”

The extra-terrestrial explorers have described the odor of space as the smell of seared steak, welding fumes, hot metal, rum raspberries and a little like gunpowder too, and among other descriptions or space is also a synthesis of residual orders on spacesuits, spacecraft and shuttle airlocks combined with a sense of gaseous compounds in the galaxy.

Given the odd descriptions of the space scent, one wonders if the perfume will ever become a best-seller in a competitive fragrance market worth fifty billion dollars, which is why the company is also targeting teaching institutions for scientific and experiential education of students and credit the excitement around order space a fragrance that smells of lunar dust called smell of the moon is already in the pipeline.

Curently, Space sent Eau de Space coast around $29 (£23) and shipping is scheduled to begin in September. Eau de Space’s Kickstarter page told that “Through sheer determination, grit, a lot of luck, and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we got it out,” the campaign’s organizers wrote. “Now we need your help to mass manufacturer it so that everyone can experience the Smell of Space for themselves.”

Matt Richmond, Eau de Space’s product manager, told CNN that he hopes Eau du Space will start the discussion about STEM, with parents, teachers, and scientists taking it from there.

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