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Gretchen Smith is an Airforce Veteran. LinkedIn has restored an Air Force veteran’s post concerning student debt after incorrectly accusing her of breaching the platform’s hate speech policy. Additionally, president Biden has suspended federal student loan repayments until August 31, citing the ongoing epidemic, prompting Gretchen Smith’s piece about climbing from poverty to having four college degrees after serving in the Air Force.

Smith, the non-profit Code of Vets creator, published a piece last week encouraging individuals to work their way out of student loan debt. So the Air Force veteran was perplexed when the social networking platform took down her tweet and suspended her account, claiming that it “goes against our policy on hate speech.”

Who is Gretchen Smith?

Smith, a citizen of Tennessee and the founder of the non-profit organization, Smith’s account was banned, according to LinkedIn, since she was published on her profile rather than on one dedicated to her company.

As the Biden administration examines large-scale loan forgiveness, LinkedIn has apologized for removing a post by a conservative Air Force veteran preaching the merits of hard work and refusing to assume responsibility for others’ student debt. On Thursday, Gretchen Smith, 49, posted a photo of herself in uniform with a more recent photo on her social media pages.

According to images supplied by Smith on Twitter, the Microsoft-owned social network banned her account and erased the post the same day, alleging a breach of its ‘standard on hate speech.’ Smith, a Tennessee citizen who operates the organization Code of Vets, which assists veterans in times of need, challenged the ruling right away.

The site apologized for the mistake and restored her account on Sunday. The event brought attention to the $1.7 trillion in unpaid student loan debt. Due to the ongoing epidemic, the Biden administration has held repayments until August. Smith formed the veterans’ advocacy group Code of Vets. The organization’s website attempts to ‘offer urgent assistance for veterans in crisis, at-risk, and in need.’ Smith posts screenshots of donations given to veterans around the country in the sums of $1,000, $1,400, and up to $5,000 on social media.

How old is Gretchen Smith?

Gretchen Smith is in her mid40s.

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