NASA will pay $35,000 to design a toilet for Moon

Have you wondered how astronauts answer nature’s call when they’re on the moon the gravity is one-sixth that of Earth and there are no toilets? Earlier, earlier astronauts had to wear diapers on the moon but as NASA prepares to send humans to the moon again astronauts say they do not want to go back to old ways.

NASA will pay $35,000 to design a toilet for Moon

So, NASA is now looking for the lunar loo and there’s prize money of $35,000 for those who can help design it, December 1972 was the last time humans landed on the moon they were wearing diapers, all astronauts on board the Apollo missions had to be into roll-on cuffs and poop into bags.

This is 20/20 and the U.S. is preparing to send astronauts to the moon again but the astronauts do not want to go back to using poop bags and they’re pretty adamant on this, so facing NASA now is a big big challenge and it needs a lunar Loo.

NASA is offering $35,000 to those who help in designing it what are the requirements the loo will need to work in zero gravity space as well as on the moon they must be female-friendly (FYI) and the first space bathrooms were made men only on purpose.

The lunar toilet should be able to support a crew of two astronauts for 14 days they should be easy to clean and maintain the turnaround time should be five minutes power consumption less than 70 watts weight less than 33 pounds on earth volume rules point 12 cubic meters or less.

The top prize is $20,000 the runner-up gets $10,000 and there is $5,000 for the third position, there are bonus points for designs that can capture vomit without requiring the crew member to put his or her head in the toilet.

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