President Donald Trump called for kick-starting the Economy

In the United States of America, the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc cases have started to surge exponentially as the country’s top 3 million cases of COVID 19 making it the worst affected country by the pandemic.

However, President Donald Trump and several state governors have called for kick-starting the economy as the country slowly reopens from months-long locked up bars cafes and restaurants have reopened in California despite CVOID 19 infections peaking to a record high just a day.

Earlier, the owners of the hotels and the managers of the cafe’s were advised to implement the guidelines issued by the US Center for
Disease Control and Prevention says that each person has to maintain a mandatory distance of 6 feet from others in public places.

One cafe in Los Angeles also went the extra mile and created a different layout to ensure social distance, the cafe also reopened for its customers for the first time in three months.

New Jersey has become one of the first States to hold in-person graduations celebrations amidst the pandemic at the Millburn High School in New York City. More than 90 students and staff members held three separate graduation ceremonies but keeping in mind strict social distancing rules, high school seniors and their family members expressed gratitude and were thankful for having the opportunity to attend valedictory ceremonies.

The move also comes as Phil Murphy the governor of the state of New Jersey released an executive order that raised the outdoor gathering limits to 500 people. Furthermore, schools across the US have been closed down since the month of March and institutes have moved their courses online, but President Donald Trump and officials in the White House have been pushing towards reopening schools the US president has also threatened to cut off federal funding to states which are reluctant to reopen as per his wishes.

Furthermore, Trump claimed that several European countries had reopened schools with no problems, the city which is the hardest hit in the US has reported good recovery as the rate of people testing positive fell by three percentage and exactly after 100 days since the first caseworkers returned to boarding Subways and buses.

New York began its new phase of reopening the economy, apart from cafes and restaurants now the city’s tattoo studios have opened their doors to, tattoo lovers were also seen rushing to several parlors to get themselves inked. As of now the deadly virus has infected more than 3.1 million people and has killed over 134 thousand in the US and states like Florida Texas and Arizona I’ve taken the decision to step back on their reopening plan and instead keep several public spaces closed.

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