The highest single-day surge in the US and New testing centers opened

The hardest-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic United States of America continues to be under immense pressure as COVID-19 cases have surged exponentially, the outbreak worsened further with the country’s health authorities reporting its highest single-day surge of 60,209 new cases.

In the last 24 hours, the 60k plus cases reported in the United States, and its a new global record for the daily surge. The third most affected state in America is Texas and its battling a massive surge of coronavirus cases as people lined up in queues to get themselves tested for this deadly disease while more than 200 cars stood behind one another in front of the United Memorial Medical Center.

Furthermore, some patients arrived the night before to get themselves checked, medical experts have warned that the state is likely to end up like New York. in Florida with rising infections several patients could not be admitted for treatment due to a shortage of medical equipment and more than four dozen hospitals have also reported having reached their intensive ward capacity limits.

Meanwhile, state governor Ron Desantis hailed the efforts of medical practitioners and also appeal to the youth to maintain social distance. However, the beaches in Miami and several other public spaces in the city reopened after a temporary closure for the weekend. Mayor of Miami Carlos had ordered the closure of beaches on the 4th of July advise people to stay indoors from meanwhile the US president also called for schools and universities across America to reopen next semester.

In an interview, Trump said “we want to reopen the school’s everybody wants it, the moms want it the dads wanted the kids want it, it’s time to do
it you know our mortality rate is right now at a level that people don’t talk about but it’s down tenfold so you look at deaths are way down from
this horrible China virus.”

other states like Montana, Oklahoma, and Missouri have also broken the previous day records of a surge in over 19 cases as of now the deadly virus has infected nearly 3 million people and has killed more than put 131 thousand people in the United States of America.

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