Who is Sarah Kameela Impey? Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Biography

Sarah Kameela Impey is an Actress, Singer, Reiki practitioner, Lead singer of Lady Parts, Social Media Star, Instagram Influencer, and quite know personality on social media. Sarah Kameela Impey fans are wondering how their favorite stars are doing now? well, we are going to provide you the inside details, so stick around!

This article will read about Sarah Kameela Impey Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family & Facts.

Know About Sarah Kameela Impey

Sarah Kameela Impey was born in 1991 and which means she is 30 years old, she was born to her parents NA. Also, we have a few pieces of information about her family background.

Sarah Kameela Impey is the best to know for Royal Shakespeare Company: The Tempest (2017), Halcyon Heights (2016), and The Second Chance (2013). Her stage credits include The Life of Pi, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Pinocchio, and The Gruffalo’s Child. According to IMDB, the actor has also starred in short films, Samuell Benta’s Perceptions.

Sarah Kameela Impey describes herself as “I am an actress, poet, one sixth of a band ‘ A Blossom Fell’ a researcher of Love and most importantly of all I am an adventurer. I live for opportunities, anything that throws up crazy challenges that might firework my world apart, anything creative that might send a message or connect the people of this earth for just a second in emotion, in awe, in happiness, I want to be a part of it. I am in love with documentaries, the real life worn souls they allow us to learn from and the amount with which they bring us into a state of truthful knowing that we could have never achieved without the technology we have today. Real stories are becoming much more compelling than fantasy ( although we will always need fantasy to keep our magic alive) and we seem to be on the cusp of a universal change of interest, we want to know what is happening now, with so many climate change threats and civil unrest we are truly living in the moment.”

In 2021, she lives in the USA, she had a splendid career and gained a reputation by doing so. As a Social media influencer, she earns money by promoting various stuff and product through her Instagram handle. Sarah Kameela Impey was able to land some deals with a great company to promote their stuff, it seems that she is earning a handful of money through social media reach.

Besides Instagram, she has also a Huge social media reach on various platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and Telegram.  Sarah Kameela Impey was raised in the USA and currently lives in New York City, however, there is little information about her earlier location. Also, she likes to travel quite sometimes, and her favorite location in the USA, Las Vegas, NYC, and Miami Beach.

Let’s look at her educational background, she attended the Arts Educational School of Acting and Upswing. Before starting her career she did several odd jobs to earn some buck’s and now is well established in life.

Relationship Status & More

Sarah Kameela Impey dating Okorie Chukwu, on Jan 31st, 2021 she shared a picture of Okorie and wrote “Happy birthday to an indescribable spirit. I know you will see today like any other day, full of love, light, and possibility. I feel so lucky to share it with you. Here’s to your next Earth Year!!.”

Net Worth & Income

Well, the main question is How much Sarah Kameela Impey Worth? The Estimated Net Worth of Sarah Kameela Impey is between $100K to $200K USD.

(Image Source: Sarah Kameela Impey Instagram)

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