Who was Zahra Ismaili? Wiki, Age, Biography, Husband, Daughter

Zahra Ismaili was awaiting her turn at the gallows last Wednesday for killing her husband, a senior agent in the Ministry of Intelligence whom she had accused of being abusive. But she died of a heart attack just as she was about to be executed for murder in Iran was hanged anyway as a concession to her alleged victim’s mother, her lawyer has claimed.

The lawyer claimed the body was hanged to give the victim’s mother the right to remove the chair from the woman’s death, the lawyer said his client Zahra must be hanged at all costs so that her stepmother can exercise her right to remove the chair of death.

According to the report, she was made to watch 16 men being hanged ahead of her, then her lawyer, Omid Moradi said “Zahra’s heart stopped and she died before she was taken to the gallows,” and added, “They hanged her lifeless body, and the victim’s mother, Fatemeh Asal-Mahi, personally kicked the stool from under her feet so she could see her daughter-in-law’s corpse on the gallows for even a few seconds.” Furthermore, her lawyer said she acted in self-defense to save herself and her children when she killed her husband, Alireza Zamani.

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