Why MLB player Johnny Damon Arrested? Know The Reason

MLB player Johnny Damon pleads with a cop during DUI arrest, in the body footage captured by the officer Damon said he was a “good guy” and that “Blue Lives Matter.”

This incident took place on 2021-02-19, a Windermere police officer stopped MLB Player who was driving a black Lincoln SUV erratically. Johnny stopped the car in front of the guard stand entrance to his neighborhood.

In the video, Windermere police officer walks towards his car but MLB player opened his car door and stepped out, but the officer is told to set inside the car and shut the door.

MLB player Johnny Damon

The officer said, hey shut your door shut, your door, okay shut the door signal 44.

hey back in the car

get back in the car

all right turn the car off

step it up please all right turn the car.

Officer: what are you doing?

Johnny: I’m going home.

Officer: okay stand right here okay, you got any weapons in the car?

Johnny: No

Officer: Take your hand out of your pocket and lean against the car.

Later, in the video, the MLB player said he was 200 yards from home. Then, the officer asked the retired MLB player, how much Damon had to drink.

Johny replied “Oh, a little bit,” and along with him her wife Michelle Mangan was also present, but the officer started to handcuff her. In the video, she said “Don’t touch me,” and added, “Don’t [expletive] touch me.”

Furthermore, in the field sobriety test, he struggled to keep his head still while following a light and also didn’t walk in a straight line. Later, it was revealed that his blood-alcohol level was later measured between .294 and .300, and it’s nearly four times the state’s legal limit for driving.

According to the report, he was on a resisting arrest without violence charge and driving under the influence, curently they both bonded out of jail.

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